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Our Firm provides engineering, architectural, economic evaluation and Superintendency authorization procedure management services, as well as scientific and technical advice. Our clients are privates, companies and both private and public agencies and authorities. Our expertise areas belongs to the civil engineering fields of road infrastructures, architecture and structures. We work on:

  • architecture
  • technical advices and surveys
  • road infrastructures
  • maritime constructions
  • site engineering and administrative procedures
  • sewerage and treatment implants
  • technological systems
  • work safety management
  • structures

Here some of the services we provide to our clients in more detail:

  • preliminary and detailed design
  • site engineering, assistance, supervision and testing of artefacts, as well as quality testing
  • feasibility study, research and technical advice
  • technical and economic evaluations, cost estimation
  • project management
  • data analysis for civil engineering calculations and estimates
  • geotechnical and geognostic surveys
  • safety management plans
  • technical advice and assistance management and coordination

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